Every year, FuFu Records will do a partnership with an NGO in Asia to support a cause.

In 2021, FuFu Records has established a partnership with the NGO: One Tree Planted (onetreeplanted.org/collections/asia)
80% of the sales will go to the NGO to help support reforestation and rebuild the habitat of critically endangered species.

88 - Double Happiness: Enjoy the music and Support a cause :)

Starting the compilation in Indonesia with the live band Batavia Collective. The name is simple. The music it produces, is not.
Batavia Collective (BTVC), as the name suggests, is a group of Jakarta-based, afrocentric musicians who are equally influenced and driven by the sophistication, ruggedness and high-artistry of Future Jazz, Classic Soul,
Deep House and Hip Hop, as it is by the gritty, uncompromising and hard-hitting streets of Indonesia’s capital.

Consisting of Elfa Zulhan on drums, Doni Joesran on keys and Kenny Gabriel on synth bass, the trio present genre bending music that combines mind-altering synths, snazzy chord progressions, deep sub-bass, energetic grooves and neck-breaking tempos to produce a sonic feast that excites the body and stimulates the mind.

They made the track “Delta” during the second wave of the pandemic. Strictly explicit beats and dirty groove.


from 88 - Double Happiness Vol​​​​​.​​​​​3 | Compiled by MLCH, released September 16, 2021
Produced by Batavia Collective (Indonesia)
Mastered by Attiss Ngo (Vietnam)
FuFu Records, 2021.