Go Dam - Dusty Voice (South Korea)

from 88 - Double Happiness Vol​.​1 | Compiled by MLCH by FuFu Records



Every year, FuFu Records will do a partnership with an NGO in Asia to support a cause.
In 2021, FuFu Records has established a partnership with the NGO: One Tree Planted (onetreeplanted.org/collections/asia)
80% of the sales will go to the NGO to help support reforestation and rebuild the habitat of critically endangered species.

88 - Double Happiness: Enjoy the music and Support a cause :)

Travelling to the other pole of Asia, Go Dam is an electronic music producer based in Seoul. Enfolding diverse spectra, his sound is recognized for its versatility. Delicately synthesized, his music allows people to travel in multiple dimensions on the dance floor. Go Dam made his name known worldwide through his first vinyl, "Alternative Dimensions," released in 2017. He had his second vinyl release, "Promised Dimension," in October 2020, with a great deal of attention from the listeners regarding his broader range of sounds.

Go Dam's new track featuring a detailed controlled synthesizer baseline is introduced through FuFu complication.
Through this release, he expressed that the disingenuous and transparent decision to destroy many things is putting dust on our voices.


from 88 - Double Happiness Vol​.​1 | Compiled by MLCH, released March 16, 2021
Go Dam (South Korea)
Mastered by Attiss Ngo (Vietnam)
FuFu Records, 2021.