Luxixi - 循​环​往​复 Circulation (China)

from 88 - Double Happiness Vol​.​1 | Compiled by MLCH by FuFu Records



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88 - Double Happiness: Enjoy the music and Support a cause :)

Last stop in China, Luxixi is active in both Beijing and international music scene. Early 2018, she collaborated with Babel, her tune had appeared in DCYY’s COVID-19 collaboration, Tmall TVC and ‘Tulpa Ashrams 幻’Multimedia art project. As the Founder of Out of Fashion Boys, a production organization of unique musical contents, she's creating future possibilities.

For her track, circulation is everywhere, it's like a trap, it can be found in fashion retro, wrong decisions, feelings etc.


from 88 - Double Happiness Vol​.​1 | Compiled by MLCH, released March 16, 2021
Produced by Luxixi (China)
Mastered by Attiss Ngo (Vietnam)
FuFu Records, 2021.