Every year, FuFu Records established a partnership with a NGO in Asia to support a cause.

In 2022, FuFu Records will partner with a new NGO to help the reduction of plastic in the ocean, particularly focusing on a project in Indonesia with the NGO Seven Clean Seas: plastic offsetting (www.sevencleanseas.com)

2 USD will represent 1KG removed from Indonesian oceans/beaches... and it will be also used to pay the Indonesian people who remove all the wastes and to teach them correctly.

88 - Double Happiness: Enjoy the music and Support a good cause :)


Tollcrane AKA Talha Asim Wynne, is a producer and DJ from Karachi, Pakistan. Describing his style as battles of sound and sweat, Tollcrane explores the limits of music made for dancefloors through chaotic and sometimes hypnotic path-ways. Having toured locally and internationally, his sound favors those who wish to populate dancefloors for hours on end, and he's got all the hooks to keep you there.

For his track, he has sampled an old favourite semi-classical Pakistani song which I grew up listening to, he were always fascinated by its haunting melody and composition. Using the samples, he wanted to create the same atmosphere as the track but grounded it in a danceable hypnotic beat.


from 88 - Double Happiness Vol​​​​​​​.​​​​​​​5 | Compiled by MLCH, released March 16, 2022
Produced by Tollcrane.
Mastered by Attiss Ngo (Vietnam).
FuFu Records, 2022.